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Council to Improve Classroom Conditions

March 7th, 2017 by admin

Fourteen Nova Scotians tasked to improve the teaching and learning environment in Nova Scotia classrooms have been selected to form the Council to Improve Classroom Conditions. The nine classroom teacher positions on the council were chosen by school board superintendents, who worked with board staff in selecting candidates. The superintendents submitted their selections to the government and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union on March 7. The government also confirmed its three appointees are a student, a parent, and a guidance counsellor.
The Council to Improve Classroom Conditions is a first for our province. It will take real action to reduce demands on teachers’ time that limit their ability to support student learning.
The council gives classroom teachers a direct say in how $20 million gets invested in their classrooms over the next two school years.
The council will reflect the perspectives of teachers, parents and students.
They will work to address issues in the classroom that have been identified by teachers, including data collection, complex classroom, class sizes at all grade levels and the student attendance policy.

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