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Power Petition

October 5th, 2012 by admin

I would like to thank everyone who stopped by the office to sign the power petition which petitioned the NDP government to use its power over the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board to deny any General Rate Application presented by Nova Scotia Power. Many of you over the summer signed the petition and expressed your frustration with the never-ending price increases.

A Liberal government would make addressing the cost of electricity a priority.

A part of our plan is to break Nova Scotia Power’s monopoly and create a competitive, highly regulated electricity market in Nova Scotia – we have already tabled the bill in the legislature that would make this happen.

Our bill, which we refer to as Renewable to Retail, would let renewable producers sell directly to customers without the cost of going through Nova Scotia Power. Currently, the only way to directly purchase renewable energy is to purchase it from producers in other provinces. This means investment and opportunities for jobs in a green economy go out of our province.

Enacting the recommendations of this bill, which was recommended by a Department of Energy study and other independent studies, would also give companies, co-ops, and others the opportunity to generate renewable energy for their needs without requiring the generation to be on the property where energy is used.

Our proposal provides opportunities for direct savings on energy costs and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Our bill also provides economic opportunities in the green economy for Nova Scotia. It will make Nova Scotia more attractive to renewable energy manufacturers, without the need for government handouts, and will create an environment where renewable energy producers will have an easier time raising capital to finance projects.

Unfortunately, the NDP have tried to misrepresent our proposal as deregulation. This is particularly odd since our proposal requires a regulated market and was supported by the NDP when they were in opposition.

The truth is the Liberal bill which breaks Nova Scotia Power’s monopoly forces competition, helps control power rates, makes green energy cheaper and more accessible, and creates an environment to grow a stronger, innovative, green energy sector in Nova Scotia – no one should argue with these outcomes.

The Liberal Caucus knows how challenging electricity rates are for residents and businesses in our province. Power bills have increased by almost 50% in the last ten years. Our plan, which includes many other ideas to reign in electricity prices, is aimed at making life more affordable for everyone.

Our ideas include importing cheap green energy, removing the cost of executive bonuses from electricity bills, and putting ratepayers first, not shareholders. The NDP have already shown they put shareholders first when they joined the Conservatives to tax every electrical bill in the province to the tune of over $40 million for efficiency programs, programs which, while important, should be paid by shareholders, not ratepayers.

Nova Scotians deserve better. Nova Scotians deserve a choice. A Liberal government will give you that choice through competition and protect your interests through strong regulation – you deserve nothing less.

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